Grants 2007


More than $16,000 of seed money was planted among seven groups in the greater Sussex area to help the region grow. Residents from seniors to children will benefit from these investments in their health, safety and recreation over the next several months.

The Belleisle Community Pool Association now has $2,500 more to help with the refinishing of the pool and pool deck. The popular community gathering spot is being refurbished, making it a welcome place to cool down in the upcoming hot weather.There will soon be more than 40 new audiobooks on compact disc at the Sussex Regional Library, thanks to the $1,543 funding the library board received. The new technology allows seniors and the vision-impaired to enjoy a wide variety of titles as the facility switches its collection from tapes to the more widely used CD format.

There will soon be new accommodations for the young people participating in the Portage Atlantic drug recovery program at Cassidy Lake. The $2,000 donated by the SACF will assist with updating the boys’ dormitory in the first stage of its construction campaign. The 50-bed facility helps Atlantic teens between the ages of 14 and 21 deal with their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.The smiles are a little brighter today among the children with orthodontic challenges served by The Little Jackie Fund. Founder Ruby Gray offered a heartfelt thank you for the $1,500 the foundation gave her group. Eighteen Sussex children from single mother families or those on social assistance have been helped since the Fund was launched in 2000. Three are now three undergoing treatment, while two others await their turn.Local children are among other big recipients at this year’s grant presentation. The widely acclaimed Roots of Empathy program will be making further inroads in area classrooms, thanks in part to the $3,000 received from SACF. Students from kindergarten to Grade 8 learn the non-verbal communication of the babies and infants who visit their schools monthly, thereby learning how to identify how people of all ages have common needs and wants. The grant funds will help train one of the instructors who accompany the child/parent during school visits, as well as provide support material.This idea of early intervention is carried further in the Second Step and Steps to Respect Program. With the $2,000 SACF funds to pay for a classroom study, the goal among School District 6 leaders is to prevent bullying among their kindergarten to Grade 5 students at Sussex Elementary School.Children and parents preparing for the important step of starting school will know more about what to expect when they enter school for the first time under the Welcome to Kindergarten program. More than 300 Sussex area families are expected to benefit from the information supplied through the Learning Partnership. The $3,500 backing provided by the SACF will ensure this program that is gaining rave reviews in Western Canada will give parents a better understanding of how their children learn, helping the young people get the most from their time in the classroom.
FALL GRANT RECIPIENTS 2007 More than $11,000 was granted in the Fall 2007 Grants to the following organizations:The Danny and Jessica Angel Foundation recieved money to provide meal tickets, healthy snacks, a breakfast program and warm winter clothing for area school children.Crosswinds Occupational Activity Centre applied for and received a grant for reading and writing software, scanner and a Kurzweil 3000. This helps people who have difficulty learning to read and write.The Kings County Family Resource Centre received a grant to provide a Lifelong Learner Family Series.  The Kings County Family Resource Centre is shown in the photo with a “Thank You” banner in the Sussex Christmas Parade.The Little Jackie Fund received money to provide orthodontic treatment for children from low income families. Sussex Elementary School will create a “cool room” for student with anxieties with a grant they received.Prevention Action for Community Kids (PACK) received money to provide a parent infant series.