Grants 2011

 The Spring Grants were awarded to the following groups:The Sussex and Area Seniors Centre received money to replace five faulty windows at the Centre.Prevenative Action for Community Kids (PACK) recieved a grant to provide programs for community children under 5 years of age.  The title of this program was “Secrets of Discipline: Importance of Social and Emotional Readiness” and “Dads and Kids”.The Learning Partnership was awarded a grant to provide Welcome to Kindergarten packets to area students who will be starting school in September.Sussex and Area Critical Incident Stress Management Team received a grant to purchase and provide stress management guides for personnel.Sussex Vale Transition House House received a grant to purchase two upright freezers.The Belleisle Community Pool received money for restoration of the pool and equipment room.The John Howard Society in partnership with the Susser Regional High School received money to purchase paint and supplies for a SRHS Inspirational Wall.The New Brunswick Association for Community Living was awarded money to provide a workship for Sussex area parents. The Fall Grants were awarded to the following:The Danny and Jessica Angel Foundation recieved a grant to provide snacks and meal tickets for sussex area students at school.The Fundy Civic Centre Inc. received a contribution to purchase pool equipment.The John Howard Society, Kings County Branch received a grant to purchase t-shirts, writing supplies, meals and musicians for the Sussex Youth Centre Coffee House/Youth Forum.Sussex Vale Transistion House received money to purchase a dishwasher.The Little Jackie Fund was awarded a grant for orthodontic treatment for children of low income families.Salavation Army received a grant to purchase two electric stoves for Sally Ann’s Community Kitchen.  This program is a hands-on kitchen and cooking learning opportunity for young mothers.Sussex Committee for the Prevention of Family Violence received a grant to provide funding for ‘Man-to-Man’ course for reducing violence against women.The Arts and Minds Project through the Canada Mental Health Association received money to facilitate a 5-week art series for people with mental illness.