RBC Future Launch Community Challenge (RBC FLCC) – supporting grantees re-scoping their project. As communities across the country respond to the impacts of COVID-19, community leaders and local organizations are making adjustments in real-time as projects and priorities need to be

CFC has taken the first step to implement flexibility and changes to all of our national programs. All programmatic changes can be found on this letter here and on our website here (to be updated soon). We recognize the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge (RBC FLCC) grantees and youth leaders may need to re-scope their project activities, timeline, and/or budget as a result of COVID-19. We also recognize the potential for uncertainty in the present moment. CFC is pausing all RBC FLCC program activities until June 1, 2020 so grantees, youth leaders, community foundations, and CFC can take time to re-evaluate any further necessary program changes. To help with this, CFC is currently issuing a survey directly to all RBC FLCC funded youth leaders to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on their community and RBC FLCC funded project activities.

In the attached note, please find the guidelines to ensure that we are working together to support community foundations, youth leaders and grantees while fulfilling programmatic requirements as related to the RBC FLCC program.

RBC FLCC project modification process to re-scope RBC FLCC projects with your youth leaders and/or grantees, please take the following steps, and then share the relevant information (steps 5-6) with CFC for review.

  1. Review with the grantee their original application and budget (this can be found via the lead applicant’s account at flchallenge.defioa.io ).
  2. Discuss with the grantee and/or youth leader(s) the effects COVID-19 is having on their project activities, timeline, and budget.
  3. Establish a shared understanding of the changes necessary for their project – is the change minor timeline adjustments, budget changes, or program activities and project objectives?
  4. Is the majority of the project’s key components going to need to change from the original application (i.e. partner organization, youth leadership, timelines, local need being addressed through the project, budget, extent of community involvement, type of project activity)?
  5. If the majority of the project’s key components will change from the original submission, please summarize these changes specifically in a document for CFC to review and ratify. Please ensure that this document clearly indicates the project ID and project name and
    is submitted by the community foundation to mhong@communityfoundations.ca .
  6. If less than the majority of the project’s key components will change from the original submission, please send a brief email with an overview of the changes to mhong@communityfoundations.ca so we may update our records on the project. Please ensure that the email clearly indicates the project ID and project name and is submitted
    by the community foundation. RBC FLCC project modification requirements Any changes to RBC FLCC funded projects must still adhere to the program’s eligibility criteria in order to be considered and approved. CFC will review the proposed modifications to ensure that they meet the original eligibility criteria. As a reminder, the eligibility criteria for funded projects through the RBC FLCC are listed below.

Eligibility Criteria

● Must continue to be a partnership between youth, aged 15-29, and a partner organization that is a qualified donee
● Project must remain a youth-led response to an urgent local need
○ To be considered eligible, youth, aged 15-29, will lead the creation, design,
and/or implementation of the project. As a guide, eligible projects will see the majority of the decisions and activities for each project (60%+) led by youth.
○ Local priorities may include: the environment, food security, employment, learning, health, wellness, inclusion, belonging, reconciliation and restoration, etc.
○ Note: COVID-19 is considered an urgent local need.
● Be inclusive of youth and other members of the community that reflect diversity as broadly defined, including ethnicity, language, gender, sexual diversity and orientation, socio-economic status, age, and physical abilities
● Involve collaboration between community members
● Experiment with new or innovative ideas
● Have the potential for a legacy or impact beyond the grant from the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge
● Activities must be completed by March 31, 2021
● Eligible expenditures:
○ Equipment rental
○ Food, transportation, or other logistical costs
○ Purchase of materials necessary for the project (below $2,000 per expense)
○ Reasonable salaries, professional fees or other HR costs associated with project activities
● Ineligible expenditures/activities:
○ Expenditures made before signing of the grant agreement (November
2019-January 2020)
○ Infrastructure or capital-only project (i.e. construction, a building, buying a vehicle)
○ Major capital purchases (over $2,000 per purchase)
○ Ongoing programming or recurrent events (unless the proposed project is significantly different from regular programming)
○ Advertising or promotional campaigns (exclusively)
○ Travel-related events, including student trips or tours (exclusively)
○ Events involving ticket-sales or fundraising
○ Awards or prizes (exclusively)
○ Projects that have already received funding from RBC or the RBC Foundation for the same activity