Sussex Foundation

Sussex Area Community Foundation (SACF) was incorporated in August 2003

In 2004 SACF joined Community Foundations of Canada.

The Community Foundation pools community donations for the area returning investment returns to the community in the form of community grants and scholarships.  The Foundation has provided support to Mill Cove, Norton, Belleisle, Apohaqui, Sussex, Sussex Corner, Penobsquis, Smith’s Creek and Cambridge-Narrows.  Since awarding the first community grant in 2005, the Community Foundation has returned over $1,200,000.00 the the Sussex area.  

SACF annually awards Sussex Area Community Foundation Scholarships, and Earl & Joan Cunningham Memorial Scholarships,  as well as administering the Frances Simpson Memorial Scholarships, Friars Family Scholarships, Norman MacLeod Scholarship, Sussex Class Memorial “Spirit” Award, SRHS Class of 1998 ‘Unsung Hero’ Awards and Waterford Gems LOBA Scholarship.

SACF is a member of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), a network of  over 200 community foundations.

  • Cathie MacLeod – Chairperson
  • Paul Bedford – Vice-Chairperson
  • Peter Davidson – Treasurer
  • Katherine Gish & Laura Ravn – Secretary

Directors at Large:

  • Laura Adair
  • Paul Bedford
  • Brian Conway
  • Peter Davidson
  • John Dunfield
  • Michael Elliott
  • Katherine Gish
  • Bob Kimball
  • Alaina Lockhart
  • Catherine MacLeod
  • Paul Maguire
  • Laura Ravn
  • Stacey Stairs
  • Jessica Walker

Nominating Committee

Directors are nominated to the Sussex Area Community Foundation from a committee of the following:

  • Chairperson (or Past President of SACF Inc.) Non voting member of the Committee
  • Mayor of the Town of Sussex;
  • Mayor of Butternut Valley;
  • Mayor of Valley Watters;
  • A representative of the Kings Rural District;
  • President or officer of the Sussex & District Chamber of Commerce;
  • President or officer of a local service club

*Board members are appointed for a maximum of 2 terms of 3 years not exceeding 6 years