Earl and Joan Cunningham Scholarship Application

Earl and Joan Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Guidelines (click for PDF application)

The following conditions and regulations will be considered in selecting the winners of this award.  In 2024 there will be two Earl and Joan Cunningham Memorial Scholarships awarded of $1,500.00 each.  The Earl and Joan Cunningham Memorial Scholarship applicant must be a current graduating student of Sussex Regional High School who: Plans to attend a fully accredited post-secondary university or public college in the fall of 2024. (This must not be a private institution.) and may not otherwise be able to receive post-secondary education due to financial consideration.

The following information must be included with your application:

1.      Acceptance letter or conditional acceptance letter from an accredited post-secondary institution. (This is not a private institution).

2.      Copy of your latest transcript (Spring) with Grade 11 & 12 marks. (A transcript with all grade 11, all first semester final and midterm grade 12 marks.)  Applications cannot be processed in the absence of these transcripts.

3.      Letter(s) of recommendation.

It is the responsibility of the Applicant to meet all deadlines.  Deadline is May 24, 2024 at 12pm.  Mail, email, submit online or drop off the application along with a Spring Transcript and all other pertinent information to the address on the Application Form.

The scholarship recipients will be announced at Sussex Regional High School graduation exercises. 

The scholarship cheque will be forwarded to your college or university account once proof of attendance, the address of your school’s financial office, student number and Social Insurance Number is received by SACF. The email address is: sacfi@nb.aibn.com

All information provided is confidential and anonymous to the selection committee.

All scholarships are to be redeemed in the current calendar year.

Applications can be submitted hard copy- mail, dropped off, emailed or filled out and submitted online.

Here is a link to the paper copy of the Earl and Joan Cunningham Scholarship.

The online scholarship application is below: