Out-Of-Cycle Grants

Grant requests that may be perceived as urgent in nature may be dealt with by the SACF Board at its discretion. In order to ensure that the focus of the spring and fall grant sessions not be compromised, the Board will accept proposals between sessions only if extenuating or emergency circumstances prevail. Funds for an out-of-cycle, emergency or unsolicited grants must be included in the total amount specified by the Sussex Area Community Foundation Treasurer as available for the year. 

 All eligibility requirements for a grant as stated in the SACF Grant application form and guidelines must be met by the applicant. An emergency application made by a group already known to the Board through prior applications may be fast tracked through the system at the discretion of the Sussex Area Community Foundation Grants Committee and Executive. Applicants unfamiliar to the group who may/may not meet with the requirements stipulated through the granting process may be required to submit a full application, again at the discretion of the Grants Committee and the Executive.

If your registered charity is in need of an emergency grant, please contact the Sussex Area Community Foundation.